Edward’s Funeral: Donations

As always, thank you for all your lovely messages.

Many of you have been asking if you should send flowers or if there is a charity that you can donate to. Clare and I would prefer not to receive flowers and ask that you consider making a donation to a wonderful little charity called Little Hearts Matter, who have been of immense support to us during Edward’s 4 years with us. I have set up a fundraising page (link below) and we would be enormously grateful if whatever you might have spent on flowers could be used to help another child and family affected by Edward’s condition. Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Edward’s Funeral: Donations

  1. Sandra Pettifer

    Just wanted to say that you are all in our thoughts as tomorrow’s test of endurance approaches. It will potentially be the hardest experience yet, so please remember that you will be surrounded by people who love and care for you, and who, if they could, would take away your pain and suffering. Sadly that cannot be, but they will all be there to support and help your family in whatever way they can. So thank you for the suggestion of donations to Little Hearts Matter – any organisation that helped you through this terrible journey is well deserving of our support. Sandra & Alex xox

  2. Nikki Shears

    Andy, Clare, Arthur And Alice,

    Wishing you all the love as the celebration of Neds life approaches. You will be surrounded by love and support and uplifted when times are hard, by your family, Friends and those who have been touched by Neds inspirational Journey -Like me.
    My thoughts are and always will be with you as you travelled us through Neds brave battle. I am one of many who make up Neds army and will always be here and thinking of you through the tough times.
    As we cannot be with you tomorrow, as a sign of our support, Sophie and Kian will be wearing fancy dress for the day as we go about our daily activities here in Southampton.
    All our love and Prayers.
    Nikki, Paul, Sophie & Kian xxxx

  3. Sally Spring

    Just to say that we will be thinking of you all tomorrow. There is too much to say and not the right words but please know everyone at the church is there with love and those of us who can not be there in person are very much with you in spirit and love too.
    When sun goes down on tomorrow also know that you still have an army of friends who are there for you with big and little things to help for the days, months and years to come. You are not alone.

  4. Pamela Kay

    I have no comforting words for this sad day but your loving,smiling Ned will be with all your family for ever. He had so much love bestowed on him.
    Thinking of you all and sending love and hugs…..Pam xx

  5. Bridget Otter

    Clare, Andy, Alice and Arthur,

    You are in my thoughts every moment of this very difficult day. I am so sorry that I cannot be there with you and I send all my love to you.

    Bridget xxxxx

  6. Jo

    I have been reading the blog now and then but just caught up with the last couple of posts. It is incredibly emotional and I can’t imagine how hard it must feel, it’s a lesson to us all to value the important things in life. I wish you all the love and support for this afternoon and onwards xx


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