Funeral Arrangements

Dear friends,

Edward’s funeral will be at 1.30pm on Friday 9th August at the Parish Church of St John the Baptist in Cirencester. It will be a celebration of his life and personality. In view of the amazing support that we have had it will be an open funeral and we welcome anyone who knew him to come and share the occasion with us. There is no specific dress code apart from smart and children are invited to come in fancy dress if they wish as this was one of Ned’s favourite things. It will be a child friendly service and kids will be well looked after.

There will be a private cremation in Cheltenham afterwards, after which we will join everyone else for some refreshments at a venue still to be confirmed.

The church is very easy to find – it is a beautiful and historic building that dominates the Market Place which is right in the heart of town.

Clare, Alice, Arthur and I look forward to seeing you there.


9 thoughts on “Funeral Arrangements

  1. Cheryl

    Dear Clare, Andy, Alice and Arthur, although we never met sweet Ned, we were in Sheffield with John and Jennifer when they received the news you were having twins. We were so excited and thrilled for you all. Having known Ned’s grandparents for over 30 years I understand exactly what you mean when you express how wonderful they are – what great parents and grandparents they truly are and have been. Ned (and Alice, Arthur and Naomi’s sweet baby girl, Lois) are so very lucky to have them in their lives. If it were in any way possible, I would be on the next plane to be there with you as you celebrate your sweet son’s life. He was so very blessed to be held in your arms his whole entire life. It is with great sadness that we send our most sincere love and condolences and so wish we could be there with you. Love, Cheryl and Bob

    Andy, if you have it in you, can you please post something once in a while so we know how you are all doing?

  2. Sally Spring

    Andy, Clare, Alice and Arthur

    I am sad to say I will not be able to come to church on Friday as we are on holiday. I will though be thinking of you quietly wherever I am. You have all been in our constant thoughts these past few weeks and it still hard to convey how deeply sad we are for you. It just seems so very unfair. Do not feel guilt though, Ned had a loving family around him every day of his life and you were not to know how events were to unfold. Ned is at peace now and I do believe that he is very much with you all even now. After the rawness of your grief gives way in time you will be able to look back and enjoy those memories of his little ways, his funny comments and those special times you have all shared together. You had a special bond with Ned, that was very obvious from the day I met him as a very young baby at FuF’s and it struck me then just how close you had become just in that short time. This will remain with you, love never dies and this is what will hold Ned close to you all forever.
    I hope that Friday is a fantastic celebration of Ned’s life, a young life that burned so bright.
    Although we wish we could take away the agony of grief for you even for a short while please know that you are surrounded by people who will do all they can to walk with you if you need it.

    With all our love
    Sally, Dave, Ben and Sam Spring

  3. Kim Rocknean

    Laura and I will be there with you to celebrate Ned’s life. Although I never met Ned, I feel that I know him through your blog.
    If you are able, Andy, perhaps you could continue to blog occasionally so that Ned’s army can help you through your grieving. As someone else said, when you write, we will all read.


  4. Kate and Pippa

    Andy, Clare, Alice and Arthur,
    I am sorry to say that we wont be able to make the funeral on Friday we are on holiday, but you will of course be in our thoughts and Pippa and I will have some quiet time. Pippa knew Ned from Mrs Berry’s. I hope that Friday celebrates Ned as much as possible and his beautiful smile.
    We will be thinking of you and we send lots of love
    Kate and Pippa xxx

  5. Catherine

    Dear clare, Andy, Alice and Arthur,
    We would really have wanted to be with you to celebrate ned’s life, but are in France at the moment. I will be thinking of you all on Friday and hope the ceremony helps you all on your journey to coming to terms with what you have had to go through.
    I send my love to all of you as we’ll as John, Jenny, Tom and Names
    Catherine Gaonac’h

  6. Helen Booth

    I will be thinking of you all tomorrow and am sending all my love. I think about your wonderful little boy everyday and have told many of my friends about his story and what a soldier he was. Through the sadness he seems to always put a smile on my face somehow. I deeply wish I could be there tomorrow but will be celebrating his life with you from London. Lots of love to you all, Helen xx


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