Thank you for your kind messages of support – Clare and I are enormously grateful. I’m afraid that I cannot yet find the words to respond or express the sense of loss and depth of anguish that has consumed us. Our hearts are broken.

We are with family in Bristol now, and will be making a very difficult and emotional return to our home in Cirencester this afternoon. To our many lovely friends who will see us, please forgive us if we find it hard to talk to you. We are going to need plenty of time and patience.

I would also like to ask those of who on Facebook not to tag or ‘like’ any pictures of our family and especially Ned. I know that your intentions are supportive and loving, but it is simply too much to bear right now.


15 thoughts on “Update

  1. Jim Meiser

    We are so sorry for your loss. I know that no words can heal the wound and that time and loving thoughts from those around you will allow you to go forward. We send our love to you and your family.
    Jim & Rita Meiser

  2. Paul Rhodes

    Not a crumb of comfort nowI know , but your words have touched so many, so Ned will always be part of so many more lives as a result.

    Our thoughts are with you.

    Paul Rhodes

  3. Rose

    Thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time, you will all remain in our thoughts and prayers
    Rose and Catherine
    Abaighs nan and mammy (picu , evelina)

  4. Caz

    Dearest Andy and Clare,

    We are so terribly sorry to hear of your beautiful Son Ned’s passing. Thinking of you all so much and sending you all our love. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Family Widdowson (parents at Powells)

  5. Charlie Kraby

    Our thoughts and prayers are with
    You and your family at this very devastating

    Sending lots of warm hugs.

    Charlie and Little Jack xxx

  6. Nicky

    Andy, thank you so much for writing such an honest, brave and personal blog to keep all of us in touch with what has been happening, and sharing with us the most intimate of family moments during Edward’s last few weeks. I don’t know how you found the emotional strength or stamina to continue when things got really tough. Edward will be so sadly missed, and many tears have already been shed over his departure, yet thankfully we have many happy memories of his all too short life to look back on with fondness. What a special boy he was, and what a truly amazing family you are. You have touched so many through your integrity and endurance. I pray that you are now given the time and space you need as a family to grieve and regroup on your own terms. You know you have an army of supporters who will be ready to support you as, when, and if you need another shoulder to cry on.

    With all our very best wishes and continuing thoughts and prayers for the days, weeks and months ahead as you begin to rebuild your family life back here in Cirencester.

    Nicky, Julian, Hannah & Christopher x x x x

  7. Gary Grady

    This is one of the most beautiful journeys of love I have ever read. You have been truly blessed to have spent this special time with Ned and my heart goes out to you for your loss, along with my prayers x

  8. Nicky

    Dear Andy, thank you for you persevering with your very honest and personal blog which has kept all of us back at base in touch with everything you have been going through. I truly admire your ability to share with us the very intimate family moments of Edward’s last few weeks with us.

    Edward will be so sadly missed, and many tears have already been shed for his departure. Thankfully we also have many precious and happy memories of Edward to remember him by with fondness. His spirit will live on! He really was a special boy, and you are the most amazing and courageous family. You have touched so many people through the blog with your integrity and steadfast endurance during the most unimaginably challenging events.

    I pray that you and Clare, and the rest of your family, will now be given the space and time you need to grieve and regroup, on your own terms. You know that you have an army of friends who are eager and ready to support you as, when, and if you need another shoulder to lean on.

    We send you our very best wishes as you begin the journey of rebuilding your family life back here in Cirencester. You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

    Nicky, Julian, Hannah and Christopher X X x x

  9. Polly Byrne

    Dearest Clare, Andy, Alice and Arthur, you are constantly in our thoughts and in our hearts. We are willing you strength and courage to work through these dark, incomprehensible days. Sending all our love and deepest compassion to you all xxxxx

  10. Judith and Vincent Green

    To all Ned’s family.
    We know that now you are facing the most difficult time of all. Hope is gone and you can’t hold Ned and comfort him. Your arms will ache as much as your hearts.
    Ned is free of pain and suffering…something no one should have to endure for long. His short life has engendered more love than most people could do in several lifetimes.
    22 years later we can tell you that one day you will smile again and be happy. Hang on to that.
    With love
    Judith and Vincent

  11. Judith and Vincent Green

    Andy and Clare
    Forgive me if you think it is none of my business, but I wanted to share with you something from our experience. Our daughter Alice died in hospital, miles from home and her siblings, like Ned. Our children, aged between 2 and 10, were confused by the whole traumatic business of absent parents, adult grief. We found that letting them see her and spend a little time with her, alleviated some of their confusion and apprehensiveness. Some thought it was strange and that children needed to be shielded from death. It was harrowing, but only for us, the children handled it all as kids do, naturally, and we felt it helped them to heal.
    With love,
    Judith xx


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