After the euphoria of yesterday, it is now back to the painful grind of reality. Ned is very, very sick and his life remains in the balance. We are back to the hour by hour battle to maintain his blood pressure at a sustainable level whilst his body fights the sepsis caused by the infection.

He is having to be pumped full of fluids to keep his his blood pressure up, but each time this fluid slowly leaks back out until the pressure drops again, and the cycle is repeated. This is not sustainable, and we need to hope and pray that this damn sepsis, which is causing this problem, leaves him soon.

I don’t have time to write long updates at the moment. He is so unstable that we simply just don’t know what is going to happen next and our time with him is extremely precious. Last night’s operation bought us time, but not much else.

Please, please, please keep sending your love, prayers and support. I believe that it has played a huge part in sustaining him this far.

46 thoughts on “Update

  1. Ian and Jen Ponton

    It must be so hard – up for a short while & now down . We can only say we send our love & prayers to Ned & you all.

    Love Ian & Jen

    1. Lizzie Gravestock

      You are all in my thoughts and prayers and I yesterday updated Fr Leonard who lit a candle for Ned. Only know you a little, but think you’re all inspirational. I will continue to pray and hope. Much love Lizzie Gravestock x

  2. Katie Tampkins

    We will not stop praying for Ned’s healing, for strength for you all and of course we will not stop sending our love, masses of love to you all, Katie (from FUFs)

  3. Vickie Holloway

    Sending you everything we have, with much love to all especially Ned, Vickie Craig Evie Annabelle and Sam xxx

  4. George & Mo

    Dear Ned, you are truly inspirational – you and your family are continually in our thoughts. We send our love and prayes to you all.
    Come on Ned you can do it x x x

  5. Kerry

    Thanks for the update Andy of which I know everyone is so grateful but as you say your time with Ned is so precious so please please don’t worry about writing this blog . We all understand that every minute must be bedside Ned.
    I continue to think of you all constantly through my day and praying with everything I have for Ned to fight this.
    What an incredible little boy and I pray for strength for you and Clare and all the family .
    Come on little fella, you can fight this

  6. Fran and Malc

    We are thinking about you all constantly especially little Ned. Sending all our love, hope and positive thoughts for Ned’s improvement.
    Take care of each other all of you.
    With our love as always Fran and Malc xxxx

  7. simon

    Hey Andy,
    You know that Ned’s whole army is doing its work and we will continue to do so for as long as it takes. None of us could possibly not – Ned’s and your determination are an inspiration to us all.
    Put all your energy into him and don’t worry about us – we’re here for you.
    Sending you everything we’ve got,
    Lots of love,
    Simon, Rachael, Mollie and Jemima x

  8. Pam

    I really hope that this infection leaves wee Ned soon but as always, he fights on. What a brave boy but having his Mummy and Daddy with him is helping to give him the strength to fight. Thinking of you all and praying that this day will see some improvement.
    Much lov Pam xxxx

  9. Kay

    You do not know me , I’m friends with your aunty Fi , Keep fighting Ned ! You’re a brave, strong little man . You can do it ! Fight it 🙂 xx

  10. Olivia Folkesson

    Andy, you really don’t have to keep up the blog as you say time is precious with Ned. We will continue think of Ned and send positive energy to you and Claire…….come on Ned you have got this far you can fight this infection you have been amazing keep going. Lots of love to you all xxxxx

  11. Catherine Lawson

    I am at several removes from your awful plight (mum of a friend of a friend) and haven’t any religion-based comfort to offer your family. But if empathy and will power could be at all helpful, I promise I am doing my bit. Your blog is inspirational and touching a lot of lives for the better – a very positive outcome from this situation which you can be proud of in the future, whatever the outcome. Very, very best wishes meanwhile to you all.


  12. Nikki shears

    Sending always positive thoughts down the line.

    Bigger hugs and even bigger kisses

    Love nikki x

  13. Norma

    Continual love ,prayers and support are coming your way; you are not alone. Friends who have an unquestionable faith have and are praying for Edward along with their church. Hoping and praying he can battle this sepsis, poor little chap. He is so loved by so many people, willing him through this. XXXXXXXXXX

  14. Melissa Pittock

    You are constantly in our thoughts. It is so awful that Ned and as a result you all are having to deal with so, so much. He is so inspiring in determination. Such an amazingly special little, gorgeous boy. You are so incredible in how you’re dealing with all that is being thrown at you. Huge hugs as always. Xxxx

  15. Val and David

    Thinking of you all and hoping and praying that Ned will show signs of improvement throughout the day. Your blogs Andy are always appreciated but please don’t feel under any pressure to write them as we all understand your need to be with Ned.

    Sending our love and wishes for healing,

    Val and David

  16. Claire

    Keep fighting Ned. Sending love & support to you all at this extremely difficult time. Don’t worry about the blog, your little man needs you more. Big hugs x

  17. Natalie Baird-Clarke

    We are with you every step of the way sending love & prayers in every moment.
    Natalie & Isabella xxx

  18. Lisa, James, Olivia and William

    Completely agree your focus should be with Ned. We will continue keep you close in our hearts and mind. Xxxx

  19. Jane

    Dearest Andy and Clare,
    Please concentrate on yourselves and Ned in the sure knowledge of our continuing love and support.

  20. Hannah Pugh

    Ned, I am amazed that you have got this far. I hope you liked my Octonauts card that I sent you. I so……..hope you get better soon !
    Lots of Love from Hannah xxxxxxxx

  21. Cally

    Ned is amazing….his fighting spirit is inspiring. Please look after yourselves. We are thinking of you all and will keep praying for Ned. I hope he improves hour by hour today.

    Lots of love
    Cally, Stu and Jude xx

  22. Christopher Pugh

    Ned I hope you get well soon. I hope you like my card I sent you. You’re a Star*
    Lots of love from Christopher xxxx *+*+*+*+*+*+*

  23. Akan Huseyin

    Hi Andy,

    I went to bed at 2 pm and woke up at 4.30 and then went back to bed after my prayers. I had a deam of you, Richard Ayres, Chris Williams, Sean Sprackling, and Christopher Barker and i think one Papplewickian (except for Chris Barker) Called Julian Hay. We were in my parents house and you were looking for medicine for your son. You had found something and you also managed to have a sleep in my parents bed. Cambridge and Oxford were mentioned. I say this in the thought thast you will draw from it what you need to get through this time of hardship.

    Words cannot explain the depth of these childhood memories although i must say the dream itself was only at times emotional. I feel for you and believe i did connect too a little part of what you are feeling somewhere there in your own self conscious and subconcious being. My prayers are with you Andy. I Pray he Ned is comfortable and that you are able to grip the realities of this world. Also we are praying he makes it back. Ned may you have angels helping you through these times, and the strong support of close loved ones and saints, and from distant friends, and people whom you’re family members have known like myself ALWAYS. You are a pure soul this world has not managed to corrupt you not that it ever will. Stay close to your father he is a pillar of support for you and his prayers will never lessen for you Ned, you little precious warrior spirit.

    Keep Strong Andy we are not only praying for NED we are also praying for you as the head of your family may you pull the rescources from the depths of your heart and be a real comfort for all around you at this precious time.

  24. Pip Fox

    You’ve got this far Ned, you can do it, we all believe in you and your amazing family. Behind you all the way X

  25. Polly Byrne

    Keep fighting beautiful little Edward! You can do it, superstar boy! Andy and Clare, I wish you all the inhuman strength you need to cope with all of this. I fully believe he will beat this, and am sending you as much strength, love, hope and prayers as possible. Don’t worry about the blog. We are all here for you and will continue to be. Focus everything you have on Ned and on yourselves. All our love xxxxxx

  26. Hannah Pugh

    Ned I am amazed that you have got this far. I hope you liked my Octonauts card that I sent you. I so…….hope you get better soon.
    Lots of love from Hannah XXXXX

  27. Julie Shum

    Come on little warrior, you are doing so well, sending prayers this moment in time and all our love is constantly surrounding you all. You are blessed with the most precious mummy and daddy in the whole world and as for the grandparents well they are awesome!!!
    Thank God you came into our family and please God that’s where we want him to stay .
    Prayers, love and positive thoughts are being sent. Thank you God for each minute you are giving Ned to fight this dreadful infection xxxxxx

  28. Clare Doody

    William, Ella, David and I are all praying for you and sending all our love and support continually. Xxxx

  29. Chrissie Edge

    Thinking of you all loads, and praying everything will be okay.
    Love Chrissie, Chris, Alex & Josie xxx

  30. mike

    I’m amazed that you find time to do this.

    Ned – Keep the fight on you’ve got an army of supporters behind you

    Im watching from afar and willing you with everything i have to get better

  31. Laura Baker

    We are all thinking of you and sending positive wishes, hope and love. Keep on fighting Edward.

    All our love
    Laura, Luke, Elodie and Minna xxxx

  32. A friend of a friend

    The power of love is an undeniable force, this love never fades or falters, gives up or has a change of heart and if Ned’s army could use this love to build a force field around him I know we all can, we just have to keep the faith, because where there is life there is hope…

  33. Bridget

    We have a candle lit at home for you all, our deepest love to you all. Thoughts are with you, not a moment passes without our wishing Ned healing. B xxxx

  34. Michelle

    Sending love and best wishes whilst praying that little ned will pull through this awful infection. Come on little man you’ve been so strong and come so far xxx


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