There is very little left of us, but we still have Ned. He is back in PICU and obviously critically ill, but he is still, still fighting. I am completely incapable of writing the blog tonight. In fact I’m in pieces, but they’re happy little pieces. Thank you, everyone, for your love and support.

68 thoughts on “Update

  1. Becks Maloney

    Thinking of you all. Take care of eachother tonight. Lots of love, Becks, Phil, Emily, Harry & Alice xxx

  2. Sally Spring

    He is a little miracle boy, well done Ned keep fighting gorgeous boy.
    Andy and Clare you must rest if you can and do not concern yourselves
    with becoming a slave to the blog – we can cope now that we know he is
    back in PICU…
    Wishing you all a peaceful night
    Much love

    Sally, Dave, Ben and Sam

  3. James, Julia, Hen and Catherine

    We are here – always.
    Thinking of you both.
    Well done little man. GOOD news.
    Small steps…small steps…
    Love J,J,H and Cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Katie Tampkins

    Well we salute you and most importantly Ned! Amazing amazing news. What an amazing son you have. We continue to pray for his healing and restoration, for you all to have strength and rest in the measures that you need. Bless you all, praying our socks off for your precious boy love Katie xxx

  5. Polly Byrne

    Oh I have been waiting for that news! Fantastic, well done little Edward, you are a superstar! Clare and Andy you are also beyond admiration. It’s essential that you try to sleep, eat and recuperate, however alien that may seem. You need all your strength to help Edward continue to fight in the coming days. Thank you so much for letting us know this brilliant news. So happy for you all! All our love The Byrnes xxxx

  6. sally

    I don’t know you and your family, but saw a post on one of my facebook friends saying pray for Ned. I came on here and read your whole blog today and have been able to think of nothing else all day. I am so happy to come back to hear your lovely little boy is still fighting his corner, KEEP FIGHTING NED – you can do this…
    I feel so helpless 🙁

  7. jo and Finn

    Dearest you all there. We are praying here, and will continue. May God bless with you with His presence. Finn is 4 an we go to fufs. He has prayed so often throughout this for Ned an we continue. Take rest. Our love to you continuously. I see angels surrounding Ned an know jesus is with you all. Love jo an Finn. Xxx

  8. Lisa, James, Olivia and William

    What wonderful news! Sending you all our love. Edward continuing to be a true fighter. Wishing you all a peaceful night to begin to recharge your energy levels.

  9. Fran and Malc

    Thank you for letting us know that wonderful news! We have been waiting to hear it. Ned is an amazing little boy and he is lucky to have such amazing parents. Try to get some rest and look after each other all of you.
    We also are so happy for you all.
    We are proud to be part of Ned’s army. Hang in there Ned sweetheart.
    We continue to send all our love, hope and courage. Wishing you all a peaceful night.
    Fran and Malc xxxx

  10. James Whistler

    The boy is truly amazing, we’re thrilled! Thank you so much for letting us know – I dread to think what you and Clare are like at the moment. Get some rest while you’re happy if you can. Field Marshal Ned will need you to be on form.

  11. Bob Morris

    Wow – so pleased that you guys are hanging on in there. Praying for you ALL and for some sense of peace that passes any understanding of our own!

  12. Catherine

    Oh Ned, you are amazing. Andy, thank you so much just for letting us know that he has come through – I have not stopped thinking and trying to give a little bit of every breath to your little boy. Clare, I know you are giving everything you have – all of you – to Ned. You are his safe place, his world, you must be utterly utterly exhausted – I dearly hope that there is a lull in all of this that will allow you to rest a little. I send you all my love xx

  13. Shepherds

    Thinking of you little Edward, with hundreds of others, we are thinking of you. Love to you all, Jo, Shep, Maisie, Alice and Cammiexxxxx

  14. Kate Fountain

    Andy, I’m so pleased that Ned is still fighting hard. You don’t know me but I have met Clare a few times at various toddler groups in Cirencester. I’m also a “heart” mum so guess I have a tiny understanding of some of what you’re going through. I’ve only met Ned and Clare few times but my husband and I are thinking of you all so much at the moment and have everything crossed for a positive outcome for you all. He’s a wonderful little boy.

    Much love

    Kate, Sullivan, Maddie & Elliot Fountain

  15. john and judy

    I try to imagine how tired you all must be, yet know despite running many marathons myself, cannot grasp the energy levels you all have, especially the little man.
    I keep trying to expand the network of people holding you all in their hearts, and people keep saying thank you for bringing them into your family at this time. Canyons of love from your team in Tavy

  16. Sandra, Bill, Kirsty & John

    Thank you for that news, Andy – where there is a will there is a way. Ned’s indomitable spirit shines through like a beacon for us all. He is indeed a bonnie fighter.

    It is well seen where Ned gets that spirit from – you, Clare, John and Jenny have it in spades.

    Our thoughts and love are with you all. I know it’s probably wishful thinking but I hope you can all get some rest tonight. Take good care. xx

  17. Lizzie

    We alll think you are amazing Ned. It must be because you have amazing parents. Thank you for allowing us the privilege to pray for you guys and sharing with us all. We will be praying for your boy throughout the night too. Loads of love Lizzie and family xxxxx

  18. John and Wendy

    To all of you with Ned – just to say that the gang in the Union is right behind you and is sending all our love and support. Thinking of you all and hoping we can raise a glass with John and Jennie soon

    John and Wendy

  19. Vickie Holloway

    Ned is just amazing, truly inspiring – keep on fighting little one – we are all right behind you xxxx

  20. Cally, Stu and Jude

    What wonderful news Andy and Clare…your boy is amazing as are you both. Thank you so much for updating Ned’s army. I hope you all manage to get some reat tonight. We will keep praying and sending our love to you all.

    Cally xxx

  21. Sally Otter

    Thank you for taking the time to share the update with us – we’re so utterly thrilled to hear your news. Ned’s determination and spirit are amazing. What a remarkable person he is. Like others, I hope you and Clare can get some rest tonight. You must both be utterly exhausted. Huge xxxx and positive thoughts to you all. Sally, Jon, Olive and Bert xxxxx

  22. Emma Pete and Rosie

    The most incredible news! Sending all our love to Ned. I hope you and Clare will be able to rest a little now.
    None of us will stop thinking or praying for Ned. With love Emma Pete and Rosie xxxxxxxxx

  23. Melissa Pittock

    What wonderful news…..hoorah for Ned. You are in our thoughts so much. Huge amounts of positive energy are coming your way. Nighty night. Melissa, Ian, Harry and Charlie. Xxxx

  24. Olivia Folkesson

    Brilliant news, thank you Andy for updating us I don’t know how you are managing it. Emily said tonight that “she is thinking of Ned and loves him”. Keep it up Ned. Lots of love and hugs to you all xxxxx Olivia and Emily. Xx

  25. Norma

    Edward you gorgeous, little trooper! What a little hero!! Hang on tight Edward!!!
    Clare,Andy; please look after yourselves , sleep , as you know , is a healer; and lack of it ,is a torture!
    Trust the nurses , they will get you at any point.
    Sending multiple heaps of love, prayers,and positive best wishes to Edward and you all. Take care, XXXXXX

  26. Rosie M

    The strength you are all demonstrating is unbelievable, my thoughts and prayers are with you all as you continue to support Ned and each other during this time.
    Ned – you continue to amaze all of us with your determination. and your medical team by the sounds of it.
    Love and prayers

  27. Jane

    We can hardly bear it, so full of admiration for you all. We are given the strength to deal with what comes our way but my goodness, how yours has been tested.
    Still praying, sending love and positive energy boosts,
    J, J, J & J

  28. Nicola, Sophie, Caitlin, Natasha and Andrew x

    Keep fighting Ned! We’ve all been thinking of you! You have some amazing parents! Sending you all our love x

  29. Catherine

    This is the best news, thank you so much for sharing it with us. I hope you all have a restful night.
    Catherine, Paul, Ben and Olivia xxxx

  30. Pam

    What a day for you all. Another mountain Ned has climbed, hang on in there. Everyones’ love and prayers are with you all tonight.
    Much love Pam xxxx

  31. Judy & co

    Amazing – what an amazing little chap – and all of you. Keep strong – your army is right behind you.
    Much love x x x

  32. Ruth & Roger

    All the blessings of deep healing sleep to you, amazing little Ned. We are praying for rest and sleep for you all through this night. Our love xxxx

  33. Geraldine Craig

    We are so relieved and thank you for taking the time to share that with us. We salute you too. Wishing you ALL a very restful night and our prayers and positive thoughts continue. All our love and prayers and BIG and little hugs. Geraldine, Dave and Hedley xxx

  34. Natalie Baird-Clarke

    The best news. Wishing you all peace for tonight and strength for tomorrow.
    All our love,
    Natalie & Isabella xxx

  35. Emma Urquhart

    That is such amazing news, well done Ned you are such a fighter and an inspiration to us all. I hope the three of you get some rest tonight. Our thought are always with you. All our love. Emma, James, Izzy and Millie xxxx

  36. LIsa & Pat Burns

    Hey Andy, thanks for your truly beautiful and honest updates. Like everyone else, I keep checking back, desperate to just hear about a glimmer of a sign/some information from you that Ned’s is getting better/ out of PICU. We’ve been saying prayers and thinking about you guys so much and sending all our love and strength to Ned. I am totally mesmerised and in awe by his fight and will… he is one incredibly tough little boy and we’re right behind him every bit of the way. I really hope you do get some rest, to switch off your brain just for a little while and help restore the balance in your mind and body.
    Loves to you all X gajillions xxxx

  37. Sarah James Sparrow

    I have spent this evening reading your blogs. When my daughter, Elsa walked into the room earlier, I asked her if she knew Edward from Mrs Berry’s, she answered, “Yes, I love Edward.” (she also said she loved Arthur too when I asked her if she knew him).

    Your whole family is in our thoughts and prayers and we’re sending a little extra love from Elsa and her family.

    Sarah, Mike, Elsa and Guy xxxx

  38. Pettifers

    Dear Wheatley’s… What can we say? Thinking of you as ever – from part of the Sheffield section of ‘Ned’s Army’, sending our love, hopes and prayers, Sandra & Alex xox.

  39. sally spring

    Insomnia strikes and my first thought is Ned. Sending our love and hope he is a little more stable tonight.
    HAng in there we are all with you

    Sal Dave Ben and sam

  40. warren

    A grey and rainy day in Singapore immediately brightened when I read that Ned made it through Surgery. Keep going Ned, our thoughts and prayers are for your full recovery.

  41. Steph, South Wales

    Although I don’t know you personally, I was asked to pray by a friend, who is a friend of yours too. I have been following your blog, and I am in complete admiration of both you, as parents, and Ned as a fighter. I will continue to pray, not only for an improvement, but also for complete healing and perfect health for your precious boy.
    I hope you will be able to get some rest tonight, and have good news in the morning.
    Sending every good wish possible,
    Steph x

  42. Norma

    Andy , Clare; hope you are not awake right now! … but should you be; just hope Edward is much improved and stable. That’s not a hint to blog by the way!!!
    Stay strong little trooper!!! XXXXXXX

  43. Julie and Steve

    Well done all of you. We hope you can get some rest to carry on fighting.
    Much love as always

  44. Janice smith

    With you all every step of the way! Ned stay strong little man – I have never known anyone stronger! Andy and Clare look after each other.. Hope it was a good night! Love to you all, sending you all my support xx

  45. Clair Tucker

    Well done Edward. Another step up the mountain achieved!!! An inspiration.

    much love Clair Julian, Harry and Emily xx

  46. Jenny and Phil Pace

    Hi, I used to go to Cirencester Baptist and am still friends with Steff and others. I can’t imagine how hard this is. I have been praying for Ned, and all the prayer chain from my new church and my fb friends. Will keep praying for you all. My cousin’s son went through this a few years ago and he is a thriving handful now! Praying Ned will be the same soon 🙂

  47. Lin and Stan Pattison

    Another day dawns and we in the Sheffield ( S10 ) Contingent are still right behind you, Ned !

  48. Kim Rocknean

    The BEST news! Your little one is made of very tough stuff.
    Keep up the fight Ned, we’re behind you all the way.

  49. Ian and Jen Ponton

    Once again thank you for the update – such amazing news. Ned & all of you have shown such strength. Please all try & take some rest.
    Love as always Ian & Jen

  50. Zoe Palethorpe

    Just the most amazing news. He really is the most astonishing little boy, and so, so, so deserves to catch a break now – come on Ned, onwards and upwards xx


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