19 thoughts on “Goodnight from PICU

  1. James Whistler

    And a very good night to you, Ned.

    Hang in there, little man – as you can see, there are a lot of people thinking of you!

  2. Fran and Malc

    Goodnight little sweetheart and sweet dreams. Well done! Keep it up!

    With our love, hope and hugs to all of you. xxxxxx

  3. Kim Rocknean

    …. And now it’s Good Morning young fellow!
    A new day and as usual my first thought is of you and what sort of a night you’ve had.

    Keep up the good work Ned and hope to see you soon xxxxx

  4. Kerry

    Good morning Ned,
    Hope you had a good night and mummy and daddy too.
    You’re doing great, keep going , you’re amazing …..
    Thinking of you all xx

  5. Helen Whight

    Good Morning Little Ned,
    Love to you today x
    Jonnie sent a message to Daddy via e-mail yesterday, just to let you know we are thinking of you all.

  6. Vicki

    Belated goodnight to Ned & family, hope today brings more recovery & improvement. Thinking of you all constantly xxx

  7. Shepherds

    Maisie and Alice say they think you are very, very brave and they are praying for you. They also send big hugs to Alice and Arthur.
    Edward, you are filling hundreds of hearts with love, you are bringing the best out in all of us.
    Maisie says I need to stop typing as I’m crying again on the keyboard.
    We think of you always, sending you positive thoughts and prayers.
    We love you our precious lion hearted boyxx

  8. Ros, David, Abigail and Christopher

    I don’t know your family very well – (Clare a little through FUFs) – but I have been thinking about you all constantly since hearing that your little man was in for an op, and even more so since Monday evening…
    Keep fighting little Ned – you’re doing amazingly!!!
    Thinking of you all

  9. Emma Urquhart

    Millie opened Edwards page on the iPad and we’ve had a big question and answer session. She wanted to save “I love you, get better soon” and Izzy hopes you get better very very soon as well.

    We hope you had a restful night and have found even more energy to continue fighting that nasty infection. You’re such a brave little boy.

    Love to you all.

    Emma, James, Izzy and Millie xxxx

  10. Val and David

    A new day brave little Ned and, we hope, one of continuing improvement for you. We are thinking of you constantly and willing you to get better. If anyone deserves to, you do. Sweet dreams little treasure.

    Love as always,

    David and Val

  11. Suzie

    Just a note from everyone at LHM to say that we are thinking about you Ned. Keep building up your strength, fight off those bugs and think of lovely things to do when you get out of hospital. Take Care Mum and Dad.

  12. Sally Spring

    Keep fighting Ned, dream of sunny days at the beach
    Thinking of you all constantly and sending Ned super powers to fight that horrid
    infection – believe you are Superman Ned !!

    Lots of love
    Sally,Dave, Ben and Sam Spring

  13. Emma Pete and Rosie

    You are so brave and so strong darling Ned. Keep building that strength of yours and that horrid infection will be gone. We are sending you prayers and positive thoughts to help you. Rosie sends you a big hug. I remember having lunch with you and Arthur. Arthur ate all the middles out of his pieces of toast and there was a big pile of whole crusts that looked like a loaf!! It made us laugh a lot. When you are better can we do a picture of Tree Fu Tom together? I bet you can make him out of lego too, don’t you? Keep fighting on little
    one. xxxxxx
    I wanted to say how touched I was by the comments of the two Mothers whose children have Ned’s condition. You know only too well what Ned is going through, the despair and the hope. I am so glad that through the Little Hearts Charity you can support each other, and Andy and Clare. Thank you for what you wrote, you are both very brave.

  14. Steff, Dave, Bethany Jethro and Tirzah Kingsley

    Been thinking of you all again all day. How exciting about Mr Maker. I think Bethany and myself were the most excited!!! Hope things are stabilising. God bless. Praying for you all always xxxxxx

  15. Lizzie

    Hi Ned I hope you are feeling a bit better today. How exciting that mister maker came to visit. We’re still praying for you so keep fighting super boy you are very special to a lot of people. Lots of love Lizzie from fufs xx


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