Update – Monday 22 July, 4.40pm

Against all the odds and the expectations of the doctors, Ned is still fighting on. He remains critically ill and faces the huge challenge of keeping his blood pressure stable long enough for his body to recover from the infection. It is his only chance. There is still no prognosis and we are taking it hour by hour.

I firmly believe that your love, prayers and positive energy is playing a part, so please, please keep them coming. He needs everything he’s got and everything we’ve got to get through this.

57 thoughts on “Update – Monday 22 July, 4.40pm

  1. James Whistler

    Don’t mess with Ned – the force is most certainly strong with him.

    This is fantastic news; the positive energy radiating from Chez Whistler has just been notched up a level.


    1. Kate

      I have just seen your diary link via facebook and I don’t know your family, but I was deeply moved by Ned’s story and how much love and light surrounds you. I am thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way infused with love. What a special, precious little boy he is xx

  2. James Whistler

    Don’t mess with Ned – the force is most certainly strong with him.

    This is fantastic news; the positive energy radiating from Chez Whistler has just been notched up a level.

    Come on Ned – we’re all with you!

  3. simon

    That’s the best thing I’ve heard all day… what an amazing little fighter he is!

    All our love and we’ll keep on sending every last bit of positive energy…

  4. Caroline Cooper

    I’m a friend of Fiona’s and my son, also an Edward, is a friend of Alfie’s. We are sending you every good and positive wish for Ned that is possible at this time. With love Caroline, Martin and Edward Cooper xxx

  5. John Fagan

    I don’t know you, but I am a friend on Phil and Beck’s Maloney. I am deeply touched by this. I can’t imagine what you are going through (having kids myself).

    Go Ned, you can do it, you made it through the night. Keep fighting one minute at a time.

  6. Lizzie

    We’re still praying we are with you all in spirit. Praying especially for his blood pressure now xxx

  7. Katie Tampkins

    We continue to pray for you all, especially your precious fighter. I have lots of family and friends praying too. Bless you all xxx

  8. Cally, Stu and Jude

    That is the best news I’ve heard for a long time…..what an amazing boy. We will continue to pray and send all our positive thoughts to you all. Lots and lots of love x x x

  9. johnnjudy

    More and more people are being brought into the loop for an outpouring of love and prayer from down here in Devon, across the UK, Australia and New Zealand,
    Canyons of love from Tavy

  10. Sally Otter

    Well done Ned – what a truly amazing boy. Thinking of you all and sending positive thoughts. Big xxxxx
    Sally, Jon, Olive and Bert

  11. Lorraine Batley

    Hi you don’t know me but I am aware of your brave wee man through your sister Fiona on FB. I have been following Neds blog and sending umpteen positive thoughts and hope that your wee soldier battles on. Tears have been shed reading your words now onwards with the positive thoughts for Ned from me, my husband and my two daughters x x x

  12. Fran and Malc

    Well done Ned, you are so brave and doing so well. Hang in there sweetheart. We are rooting for you and sending every bit of love and hope that we’ve got to help you.
    Lots of love Fran and Malc xxxxxx
    Thinking of you all xx

  13. Steff Dave, Bethany Jethro and Tirzah Kingsley

    bless you guys. We are praying for you too, for the strength to give Ned what he needs. We are standing with you.
    Loads of love and hugs xxxxx

  14. Julie and Steve

    What amazing strength Ned has, we’re delighted to hear that he is continuing to battle. Keep it up Ned, we’re all with you.
    Much love

  15. Lisa, James, Olivia and William

    Keep fighting Ned! We are continuing to send positive thoughts to you and your loved ones xxxx

  16. Pettifers

    He is such an amazing little warrior – as amazing as his family . Thoughts and prayers with you as ever, and thank you so much for the update. Luv’n’hugs, Sxox

  17. Kim Rocknean

    Well bless your little cotton socks Ned Wheatley!
    Not only am I sending love, hugs and prayers, I will be there tomorrow to give them in person!
    Keep up the good work Ned xxx

  18. Maggie and Piers

    Our love and thoughts are with you all, especially with your brave and beautiful little boy.

  19. Norma

    Oh Edward, you are a little trooper ,as I keep saying….!!! You can do this; just hold on tight!!! A gentle big hug coming your way ; along with so many positive thoughts ,prayers ,best wishes and endless love for you and your lovely mummy and daddy !!! Not forgetting the rest of your lovely family !!!
    Clare, Andy; you have our constant attention ,willing you all the strength you need; with support and much love .XXXXXXX

  20. Nicky, Julian, Hannah & Christopher

    Faith, hope and courage are truely potent medicines indeed! Keep strong. Our thoughts and prayers are continually with you.

    All our love

    Nicky, Julian, Hannah & Christopher x x x x

  21. Steff Dave, Bethany Jethro and Tirzah Kingsley

    we are holding an all night prayer meeting tonight for Edward and you all at CBC. God bless you xxxxxx

  22. Vickie Holloway

    keep on fighting little man – You are truly awesome. Annabelle as I type is designing another Octonauts card for you. Stay strong, with much love from Vickie Craig Evie Annabelle and Sam xxxx

  23. Olivia Folkesson

    Fantastic news what a fighter you are Ned, keep going put all your strength to getting through this, lots of positive energy and thoughts coming your way from the Folkessons. Lots of love to you all Olivia & Emily xxxx

  24. Liza

    Been thinking about you all day Ned. Rest up, take care & keep dreaming about the better times to come.

  25. Natalie Baird-Clarke

    Thinking of you all, and sending all my love and prayers to little Ned.

    Natalie (Isabella B-C’s mummy)

  26. Sarah F

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Remain positive and keep fighting Ned – you can beat this.
    Love & hugs to you all…xxxxx

  27. Jayne, Tony, Daisy & Rosie Rea

    What a truly amazing family you are. x
    Sending you all lots of love and strength and many many many positive thoughts.
    I’m sure I’ll be seeing Claire in Cirencester soon along with Alice, Arthur and the fantastic little trooper that is Ned.
    Jayne xxx

  28. Emma Urquhart

    Thinking of you constantly, you’ve all shown such amazing strength, all of our positive thoughts vibes and prayers are being sent to you all.

  29. Helen Cooper

    Keep fighting Ned – one little step at a time. Thinking of you constantly. You are all in our prayers. Helen, Paul, Samuel and Edward Cooper.

  30. Emma Pete and Rosie

    Keep fighting little Ned, you are strong and have the spirit to get to the top of this huge mountain. So much love, prayers, positive thoughts and the will to get better are being sent from so many people. Your Mummy and Daddy are right by your side with you in this beautiful boy. I keep thinking of that photo of you sitting on Mummy’s lap on the merry go round. You have the brightest eyes and the biggest smile on your face, wow what fun you are having. Keep remembering you’re with Mummy, holding you tight giving you so much
    love and strength. God bless you little one. xxxxxx

  31. Sandra, Bill, Kirsty & John

    What a bonnie wee fighter you are Ned – we’re all willing you to win this struggle. Take care all and big hugs. You are all in our thoughts. Thanks for the updates, Andy. xxxx

  32. Helen

    I have been on tenterhooks since first thing this morning and now can hardly believe that Ned is continuing to fight and hold on to his precious life. I continue to pray throughout the day and know that God will give you unfailing strength to bear this agonising ordeal.

    Love Helen xx

  33. The Maloneys

    What an incredible little man. We’re thinking of you all constantly. Keep fighting, Edward!
    Phil, Becks, Emily, Harry & Alice x

  34. Pamela Kay

    You certainly are a wee fighter Ned. Everyone is willing you to get better. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
    Love Pam xx

  35. Val and David

    We are constantly thinking of you strong and beautiful little Ned and sending positive vibes to help you through this difficult time. You are a very tough little cookie with a tenacity that belies your years. We will continue to pray for you and help you to fight on.

    With our love and positive thoughts to you all,

    Val and David, xxxxxxxx

  36. Sandra, Bill, Kirsty & John

    What a bonnie wee fighter you are, Ned – we’re all willing you to win this struggle. Take care all and big hugs. You are all in our thoughts. Thanks for the updates, Andy. xxxx

  37. Ian and Jen Ponton

    A relief to hear better news. We wish you all the strength to help Ned to keep fighting.

    Love Ian & Jen

  38. Katie Tampkins

    Just want you to know that since 9pm people have been gathered at church praying for you all. There are six of us still here, we are still praying, still standing with you

  39. Ros

    Done another Matrix Energetics session on Ned. Firstly there was some energetic harmonising for a drug in his system, to bring him and it into alignment. Then his Master Endocrine Cranial system showed up again but this time leading to a vast expansion of his “heart space” and his connection into the zero point field – maybe to receive all the love and healing being sent to him from all around. Then there was a clearing of an old, stuck pattern in the lower left side of his heart – the best way I can describe it is to say it was like the energetic surgical application of some kind of angelic stent (this quantum stuff is multi-dimensional but I’m limited to trying to express it with my limited physical brain and language!) and the removal of a negative energetic pattern from around the bottom part of the heart. There was also a significant Respiratory System pattern adjusted – and lots of other stuff too but these were the biggest changes. Sending love to Ned and you all.

  40. Bridget

    Awaiting news with baited breath this morning. Every day is filled with an out pouring of love and healing for you all. Every spare moment I can, I sit with a candle wishing u all well. Much love, B xxx

  41. Justin Sketchley

    We are thinking of you all the time and send our love and prayers for Ned, love Justin, Lucy, Harry & Annabel

  42. garry stoner

    Andy, a truly amazing update – Julie and I are right with all three of you, special prayers for Ned.
    keep up the fight!! Garry and Julie Stoner

  43. Annemarie

    My friend Valerie Lang has been keeping me updated on ur little boys journey … Lots and lots of prayers and hope coming ur way

  44. Shepherds

    I can’t possibly express how humbled, and in awe we are of all of you.
    Your words are beautifully written, and the amount of people sending love and positive thoughts to Ned could fill his ward several times over. We are all there with Ned in thought, wrapping our arms around him, trying to protect him and give him the strength to continue. He is making us all better people. Love to all of youxxxxx

  45. Duncan Ogle-Skan

    Hey Ned, I learnt from your Dad that he reads you these messages out loud so I thought I’d drop you a quick note/voicemail/dad mail.

    Firstly, thanks for being such a cordial host for my visit earlier this evening. Unflustered by all going around you and another strangish voice saying ‘hi’ amongst the bleeps.

    Personally I thought you looked a little better than the picture above (blame your father’s camera skills for that), and it was great to see you’ve got so many lovely medical types there looking after you.

    I promise these messages will be a bit more regular now I know that your dad is sharing them with you, perhaps over time I’ll even use BLOCK CAPITALS or perhaps the odd funny swear word (which you must promise not to repeat) just so your Dad has to read them out to you in PICU. I wonder what the funniest word we can get him so say is??

    So, have a great night, great some good rest, and a bit more recovering tomorrow eh? There’s a good lad. Speak tomorrow. Love Duncan


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