At 1.30am, on the advice of Ned’s medical team, we were advised that we should call a chaplain. Our son’s condition had deteriorated – he had developed blood loss in his stomach and his blood pressure was unsustainable. Every avenue we tried failed and he was down to his last medical option – nothing else could be done. Clare, Jenny, John and I stood by his bed as the chaplain blessed him and we have been with him all night. Against expectation and driven by hope, love, prayers and his own incredible spirit, Ned is still with us. There is no prognosis and we cannot think beyond each hour, but there is hope, and he is continuing to defy everything that this wicked infection throws at him.

Please keep doing whatever it is you are all doing. He needs everything we’ve got.

34 thoughts on “Update

  1. Hannah

    Sending all my love to you wonderful family. Edward is constantly in my thoughts. Lots of love Hannah from nursery xx

  2. Val and David

    Our thoughts, hopes and prayers are with you all and we are willing Ned to fight this battle and come back safely to us. Miracles do happen.

    With lots of love and hugs,

    Val and David

  3. Shepherds

    We continue to think of you all every minute. We send Edward every positive thought, prayer and hope that we have. So much love to Edward, and all of youxxxxx

  4. Norma

    Edward , hang- on tight. You are an amazing little chap with more strength than you know.
    Clare, Andy ; you know that you are not alone….hoping that you too can take strength from this..and all your family. Continual love and prayers for you all.XXXXXX

  5. Rebecca

    Hi Andy, hope you remember me from Bangkok and later Leamington Spa…..I read your desperately sad news for the first time this morning on LinkedIn, and wanted to send my thoughts and prayers to you, Clare and your son. Rebecca X

  6. Sally

    Andy, I am so so sorry but also so pleased to hear that Ned is continuing to fight. I really hope that all the kind and supportive thoughts that have been coming his way bear fruit and that he starts his recovery again soon. All love, Sally xx

  7. Trev Mehtar & Claire

    Thinking of you all constantly and praying Ned continues fighting. All our love and positive thoughts, Claire & Trev x

  8. Judith and Vincent Green

    We are thinking of you all and praying really hard for you to get the strength to get through….There wasn’t a dry eye in this house when we read the blog yesterday after Alex P forwarded it to us.
    Much love
    Judith and Vin xx

  9. Lorna Willson

    Sending all my best wishes to you and your family at this time. Wishing Ned all the best, my thoughts are with him.

  10. Lisa, James, Olivia and William

    As the tears roll down my cheek I continue to keep praying and hoping for a positive change in Ned’s condition. Sending you all our love xxxx

  11. Chrissie Edge

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Ned and all of your lovely family at this time.
    All our love Chrissie, Chris, Alex & Josie Edge xxx

  12. The Whistlers

    It’s an unfortunate fact of the seriousness of Ned’s condition that reading this today was, frankly, the best news I had realistically hoped for after last night’s update. But it is the best news all the same; Ned is still with us and is fighting on.

    I went through the whole blog again last night after posting a comment. Looking through the pictures was heartbreaking. Thinking of you and praying for you all, as always…

  13. Trev Mehtar & Claire B

    We have been thinking of you all constantly and sending positive vibes. Lots of love to you all and darling Ned. Keep fighting. X

  14. Kerry Baillie

    Hi Andy, my husband Nick used to work with you and has been showing me all the updates on Ned. My thoughts are with you and I am sending all the positive vibes I have to your brave boy. Keep fighting, Ned! x

  15. Vickie Holloway

    Thinking of you all especially little Edward – keep fighting little man

    With love and prayers

    Vickie Craig Evie Annabelle and Sam xxxx

  16. Lizzie

    Just to say we’re still praying for you beautiful Ned. May God help you and look after you today and give your mummy and daddy peace and hope xxx

  17. Emma Pete and Rosie

    Thinking of Ned every minute. Praying that as every moment goes by the antibiotics will start to work, keep fighting little chap. Thinking of you all xx

  18. Amanda, Tim, Sam & Ella Humphrey

    This is my first catch up in a while and I can’t believe the turn in events. All our love to you all. To dearest Ned – don’t stop fighting now you wonderful, brave little man -we are all rooting for you!

  19. Lisa & Pat Burns

    Comeon Big Brave Ned! You are the most gorgeous, toughest, courageous, amazing boy I’ve ever known. Reading back over the words your Dad has written about you, it is totally heartbreaking but then I look at what you’ve conquered already – you’re going to kick this bug in the butt! We’re sending everything we’ve got….. loves, hugs, strength and massive fight to you. XOXOXOXO

  20. Melissa Pittock

    We have been thinking of Ned so much and we send you all love and light and a huge hug.
    Melissa, Harry and Charlie xxx

  21. Catherine

    To dear Ned, keep fighting, you have a special place in all of our hearts. Our love goes out to you and all of your special family.
    love Catherine, Paul, Ben and Oliviaxxxx

  22. simon

    Hi Andy,
    just got a text from Rachael who is with the girls and friends at Westonbirt. We told Mollie and Jemima how serious things were this morning, and Rach has just texted me to say that they sang songs and sent him a magic spell… I so hope it works!
    Lots of love,
    Simon, Rachael, Mollie and Jemima xxx

  23. Charlie Angell

    Dear Andy, Clare and family

    I have heard of little Ned’s fight through a friend of mine; as a fellow heart baby’s mum, I just had to write and tell you that I’m praying for your brave little warrior with all of my heart.

    All of my thoughts are with you – Ned is such a brave, strong boy, God bless you all.

    Charlie & Harry

  24. Elaine Derrick

    You don’t know me but I am a good friend of Fiona’s. I have been following Ned’s journey on a daily basis. I can’t imagine what you are all going through – your blog has touched so many of us and we are hoping and praying with all of our might that Ned will keep fighting xx

  25. kate

    We’ve been praying very hard since we heard about your precious boy, what a wonderful and brave little soldier he is, surrounded by pure love.
    We are all routing for you and praying for Ned, with all our love to you
    Kate and Tim Mason xx

  26. Jools

    Just come across Ned’s story on Facebook. We don’t know each other, but I’m a parent who’s been through the wars with my daughter, so I’m sending you love and strength across the miles – with extra hugs & kisses for Ned xxx

  27. Steff Dave, Bethany Jethro and Tirzah Kingsley

    Praying for you all so much, hang on in there Ned. We love you guys. xxxxxxxxx


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