Monthly Archives: September 2013

School of Love

It’s hard to believe that it is only just over two months ago that we took Edward and Arthur for their open day at Powell’s School. Edward loved it, but Arthur was a little more circumspect. He was so happy at Mrs Berry’s, the wonderful nursery that all of our children have attended, and had made it absolutely clear that he wanted to stay there, in his words, “forever”. So it was been with some trepidation that we have been waiting for Arthur’ first day at school to arrive, especially without his twin brother around to keep him company. Continue reading

Some Late Summer Sun

Since I last posted, it’s been my birthday, our wedding anniversary and we’ve had a short break in Cornwall. The birthday and anniversary were both pretty subdued affairs but they were still meaningful and a valuable reminder of the healing power of a loving family. Clare, Alice and Arthur bought me possibly the greatest birthday gift I have ever received – a beautiful framed family tree with all five of our names in it. There will always be five of us. Continue reading