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A Hard Night

This is the first time in a few days that I have been able to sit by my son’s bed and take some time to write a proper update. The past 48 hours have been utterly surreal, and interspersed with periods of anguish, despair and joy. So much has happened since my last post and I will try to find the time to fill in the gaps, but right now I just want to tell you about Sunday night. I have had to think about it long and hard, as it is, by far, the most personal and emotional post I have yet written and I accept that it may not be appreciated by everyone. Continue reading

Update – Monday 22 July, 4.40pm

Against all the odds and the expectations of the doctors, Ned is still fighting on. He remains critically ill and faces the huge challenge of keeping his blood pressure stable long enough for his body to recover from the infection. It is his only chance. There is still no prognosis and we are taking it hour by hour.

I firmly believe that your love, prayers and positive energy is playing a part, so please, please keep them coming. He needs everything he’s got and everything we’ve got to get through this.


At 1.30am, on the advice of Ned’s medical team, we were advised that we should call a chaplain. Our son’s condition had deteriorated – he had developed blood loss in his stomach and his blood pressure was unsustainable. Every avenue we tried failed and he was down to his last medical option – nothing else could be done. Clare, Jenny, John and I stood by his bed as the chaplain blessed him and we have been with him all night. Against expectation and driven by hope, love, prayers and his own incredible spirit, Ned is still with us. There is no prognosis and we cannot think beyond each hour, but there is hope, and he is continuing to defy everything that this wicked infection throws at him.

Please keep doing whatever it is you are all doing. He needs everything we’ve got.


Friends, we are now in the hands of others. Ned’s condition has deteriorated again and everything that can be done for him has been done. A chaplain is with us and we are waiting by his bed. This is now his greatest battle.

Hour by Hour

Apologies for the long silence. We have been permanently by Ned’s bedside and I have been too tired to do a proper update, having not slept for the past 36 hours. I know that a lot of people are waiting to find out where we are so I will do a short update now and a more detailed one once I have had some rest. Continue reading



It is now just past 3.15am and Ned has been on life support in PICU since around 7pm. He is very ill and his life is in the balance. We have had ‘that’ chat with the medical team and are under no illusions as to the magnitude of the mountain that he now has to climb. It has been and continues to be the most difficult of days. I will, if we can get past this, relay the events of today at a later date but I simply do not have the energy or desire to go through it again right now. Continue reading


This is hard to write. Ned is now in intensive care and critically ill and we have been told that his life is now in the balance. Thank you all of you for your kind and loving thoughts at this very difficult time. We will be offline for a while – we need to be with our boy. Please keep him in your thoughts.

Very Quick Update

Unfortunately, despite a slightly better day yesterday, Ned has deteriorated and is very ill. Something has happened with his circulation in his abdomen and he has been taken into theatre to have his central line fitted and some scans. Because of his condition, this is now a relatively high risk procedure. I am a big believer in the power of positive thought, so those if you who are online and follow the blog please send him some love. If all goes well I will try to do a proper update later but in the meantime please keep everything crossed.